Improving Quality in Post-Acute Care

Outcome Measures is owned and run by the National Association for the Support of Long Term Care (NASL) and is dedicated to the collection and measurement of de-identified clinical data via a national repository. Originally founded by Net Health (formerly Optima) and Casamba, this repository contains data from the largest rehabilitation therapy EMRs and rehabilitation therapy providers in the post-acute arena, which gives you the ability to assess your organization against national and regional benchmarks. The goal of Outcome Measures is to create a central collection point for outcomes-related rehab therapy data. NASL will use this data to advocate for quality patient care with regulatory and legislative stakeholders and inform industry for quality improvement.

Collect & Measure

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and other healthcare payers have created a standardized method for measuring functional change and to facilitate a seamless transition of care across providers and care settings. The Standardized Self-Care and Mobility Item Sets provided by the Therapist and validated for use in Long Term Care can be used to provide facility-level functional status outcomes measures, and are standardized and applicable across different types of post-acute care providers. This national repository of data allows geographic comparisons as well as deeper views into Therapy Length of Stay, Clinical Categories and Payor data to allow benchmarking and improvement.


The mission of NASL is to represent therapy providers and suppliers in the long term and post-acute care community on healthcare policy and advocate for high-quality, cost-effective care for patients. To that end, the best way to influence Congress, CMS and other entities is to tell compelling stories and back them up with Big Data. To that end, Outcome Measures as a national repository of data allows the industry as well as individual organizations to tell stories about their patients’ outcomes and back it up with data.


Insights gained through the measurement and benchmark reporting capabilities help you make informed decisions about your practice and treatment plans and communicate with your customers and stakeholders about the outcomes they can expect from certain clinical categories of care.


With the ability to use the national repository to determine how your organization compares to other providers, you will have the power to demonstrate your value with real results at a national, state and local level.